Saturday, May 05, 2012

News: Alessandra Ambrosio celebrates baby shower and poses with belly


Matheus Mazzafera and Alessandra Ambrosio at the top of the baby shower

Eight months pregnant, Alessandra Ambrosio met friends in the late afternoon on Saturday (05:05) to celebrate her baby shower in Florianopolis. The model,pregnant with her second child, a boy, posed for pictures during the party funbeside our Mister V Matheus Mazzafera.
The celebration took place in Praia Brava in Florianopolis, the same place the wedding of his sister Alessandra in April
During the afternoon, Alessandra took advantage of the sunny Saturday for a clickin the sand, showing his belly top with short sleeves and pleated long skirt, check out the pictures. In the final stretch of her pregnancy, the model, who has declared his intention to return to work soon after the birth of his son, takes a break in Brazil, sharing the rest period records through their profiles on social networks.

Ale Ambrosio poses on the beach before your baby shower
Source: VOGUE

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