Thursday, June 21, 2012

Model Holidays: Vacation Tips from Fashion’s Top Faces



The Victoria’s Secret Angel recently gave birth to her second child in Florianópolis. A sunny island off the southern coast of Brazil, Florianópolis is one of Ambrosio’s favorite getaway spots, and she’s not alone—thousands flock to its beautiful beaches each summer.

What do you pack for a summer trip to Florianópolis?
My favorite bikinis.

How do you stay fit and healthy while traveling?
I’m a huge fan of yoga and Pilates, so I’m always exploring the studios in the cities I visit. Also, I take walks along the beach. As for food, it's important to eat as fresh as possible. I eat lots of fruits and vegetables, but I do like to indulge in local delicacies wherever I travel.

What’s the best way to see and experience the city?
Definitely by boat, so you can travel around the island and go to secret spots! You’ll be able to enjoy the ocean and at the same time see all the amazing beaches that Florianópolis has to offer.

Source: Elle Magazine

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