Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pushy parents: Alessandra Ambrosio and fiancé Jamie wheel baby and mountain of luggage through LAX after long haul flight

Alessandra Ambrosio and her fiancé made quite the team today as they stalked through Los Angeles Airport. The happy couple were spotted at LAX, laden down with luggage and children alike - but managed to take everything in their stride. While Victoria's Secret model Alessandra took charge of the stroller, pushing along their ambrosial three-month-old son Noah, Jamie Mazur flexed his muscles by hauling their mountain of luggage.

Juggling act: Alessandra Ambrosio and fiance Jamie Mazur had their hands full at LAX Airport today
And while they beat a path through the busy terminal, their daughter Anja, who turns four on Friday, was seen running to catch up with her elders. The couple had flown all the way from Europe, and they were both clearly tired. Jamie was spotted sipping away on a large cup of coffee, while his 31-year-old fiancée chose to go for a tasty frappuccino drink instead.

In need of a pick-me-up: After flying all the way from Europe it was understandable the pair needed some caffeine

Model figure: Even though she had just come off an international flight it was plain she is a particularly fine filly

Not enough espresso? Alessandra looked disappointed in her drink while Anja was loving her juice
Amazingly, though perhaps not surprisingly, Alessandra managed to look as good as ever despite having just emerged from a long flight. She wore a casual black shirt, trendy green trousers, flat shoes and a fetching fedora hat as she made her way through the terminal. Given the current heatwave in California however, it is unlikely she will have kept on her grey scarf for long when she emerged outdoors.

Hidden treasure: It seemed that the model was keeping her cute boy under wraps so he could catch a nap
Ambrosial: But it was obvious the little lad has inherited some of his mother's good looks as he dozed
Pick me a pick me up: Anja seemed to be demanding a treat for herself as they perused the coffee shop
The mobile telephone addict was spotted charging up her phone after she arrived, perhaps so she could check her Twitter account.Before taking off she had tweeted: 'All on board! Bye Europe! Love. Time to go back home.'The statuesque beauty had ventured overseas to appear in the closing ceremonies of the London Olympics.She was joined by fellow Brazilians Renato Sorriso and Seu Jorge to receive the Olympic Flag on behalf of her homeland, as the 2016 Olympics are being held in Rio de Janeiro.

Multitasking: Somehow the clever model is able to drink and talk on the phone at the same time

Must check my Twitter: The mobile phone addict had to charge up so she could loo at her account

Leg-endary: Her mid-air leg pose made it obvious to see just how toned her fabulous pins are

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