Sunday, November 11, 2012

Angelic Ambitions

When word got out that I was going backstage at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show to interview Angels as they got ready, a lot of friends suddenly remembered to check back in with me after the hurricane. Facebook blew up. Even my dad asked me if I needed an assistant. I didn’t—all I needed was Justin Bishop, my amazing photographer. There was quite the to-do getting inside; we had to have our bags sniffed by dogs and could enter only in small groups. Guess that’s what happens when you go into the presence of more than a dozen supermodels and one bra worth $2.5 million. By the time we reached the hair-and-makeup room, it was clear to see why the security had been so tight: literally everywhere you looked there were some of the world’s best-looking women lounging around in pink robes, clearly just waiting to be interviewed by me (and then perform two fashion shows in underwear). After talking to most of them, here’s what I learned: Most models love Kate Moss, all have strong opinions, and they definitely look a lot better in wings than I do.

Who, alive or dead, would you most like to have lunch with? 
I’d probably have lunch with Kurt Cobain.

What magazine would you most like to be on the cover of? 
Um. Well, Vanity Fair.

Good answer. 
I know, smart model.

Who’s your favorite Real Housewife?
I don’t like reality TV, but I watch the Kardashians sometimes. They’re fun.

Would you rather have the ability to fly or be invisible?
Fly. If I could fly, if I could have wings—well, I dohave wings, but they don’t make me fly. I think that’d be more fun because you could just go everywhere, and who cares if people see you or not?


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