Monday, July 30, 2012

Today in the gallery Melissa NY

Alessandra Ambrosio celebrates the arrival of their Melissas in NY
To celebrate the arrival of the line "Loves Melissa" signed by top model Alessandra Ambrosio in partnership with Melissa Plastic Paradise to the collection (which has just been released abroad), a roll tonight petit committee for 50 guests in the gallery of Melissa NY.

Along with the party man Lorenzo Martone, Alessandra Ambrosio receive celebs, journalists and guests to celebrate the arrival of the models and Divine Glitter Incense, signed by her. Among the guests are like the names of actress Dakota Fanning, the Gossip Girl Amanda Setton and Brazilian top model Ana Beatriz Barros.

The models, customized by Alessandra, also gained exclusive color palette chosen by the top Gaucho. The Glitter Incense comes in two colors, gray and black carbon, while the Divine comes in four options: black, with black lace in glitter, nude, with lace gliterizado silver or pink, and gray, with lace in silver glitter. Glamour and charm, now for the gringo, too.

Melissa Gallery - 102 Greene St. New York

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