Thursday, August 09, 2012

Alessandra Ambrosio: first evidence of clothes of the closing ceremony of the Olympics

Alessandra Ambrosio - model is already in London to close the Olympics

Alessandra Ambrosio just made the first proof of the dress designed by fashion designer Jum Nakao for the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games in London, which takes place this Sunday (12). What will make a beautiful, nobody knows, since everything is kept under the strictest secrecy. What we know is that she took the whole family, hubby, businessman Jamie Mazur, and two children, Anja, 3 years, and Noah, their baby only 3 months. The top will face trials in agitated one week every day of the week until the ceremony, when London says goodbye from 205 nations participating in a party that symbolizes the passage between England and the next nation to receive the next Games in 2016, Brazil.
In time, foreigners from around the world will risk little steps samba for eight minutes shortly after delivery of the Olympic flag from London to Rio de Janeiro where samba and percussion groups from various cities of Great Britain were invited to participate - about 800 dancers and volunteers were selected, detail, only 31 are Brazilians. According to them, samba, Brazilian by birth, is now a "world citizen". What's more, the country will be presented as "the country's embrace multicultural" and will be attended by Marisa Monte, Seu Jorge, rapper B Black Man, among many, under the artistic direction of director Cao Hamburger (Xingu) and set designer Daniela Thomas.

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